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Lily Goh
Director & Founder

Currently, tutoring 5 Deaf kids as part of the subsidised tuition program with ExtraOrdinary Horizons. Lily is also the member of the Purple Symphony since 2015, playing marimba. She's the part-time student with Singapore University of Social Sciences. She's the full-time sole entrepreneur, too.

She taught sign language to public as a part-time basic sign language instructor at the Singapore Association for the Deaf from 2002 to 2010. Now, she is the founder and director of ExtraOrdinary Horizons.

She is also a seasoned performing artiste who plays mallet percussion since her age of 10. Lily has received formal training in music. She has obtained a Grade 8 in Percussion with Merit, a Grade 5 in Music Theory with Distinction and a Grade 5 in Piano.

Lily was the member of Canossian School Percussion Band from 1989 to 1995 and Concert Band of St. Anthony's Canossian Secondary School from 1994 to 1997. She also performed in Ngee Ann Polytechnic's Concert Band in 1998. She assisted in teaching percussion music at Canossian School from 2004 to 2015.

In 2004, she took part in the Singapore Idol Season 1 competition. She became the first deaf participant who got through two rounds and won much admiration from public. As a result, she appeared in different medias, such as Channel 5 – The Unsung Heroes (2004), Channel U – The Youth Decode (2005), Her World, Lime and other newspapers. Also, she won a marimba as her first award under the Talent Development Programme by the Very Special Arts (Singapore) in 2007. This marimba was sponsored by the Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore (Tiger Beer). With this musical instrument, she can explore and expand her skills and techniques in percussion. Also, she hopes to share her musical passion with deaf youths and in this way, they will be inspired to live their lives meaningfully.

Song-signing is part of Deaf Culture and it is a beautiful blend of sign language and music. It is another forte of hers! She had learnt this song-signing when she became the member of Ngee Ann Polytechnic - Hearing Impaired! Club (HI! Club) in 1998. She was elected to be the 3rd President of NP HI! Club.

Since 1998, she performed at many events, representing NP HI! Club (1998-2001) and Singapore Association for the Deaf (2000-2008). Also, her overseas performance stints started in 2005. In 2008, Lily was invited to SPOTLIGHT - an Asian Festival of Inclusive Arts in Cambodia and she had touched many hearts through her song-signing music. Over time, she evolved into a seasoned performing artiste, specialising in percussion music and song-signing.

Besides teaching sign language, she had contributed towards the development of beginners' course curriculum in Signing Exact English (SEE2) during her time with the Singapore Association for the Deaf. She had obtained her certificate of participation in Basic Linguistics in Sign Language in 2007.

She was renowned for winning the Singapore Woman Award 2014, which is organised by MediaCorp. The Singapore Woman Award is a celebration of the ordinary woman who has made extraordinary achievements. It recognises women who have relentlessly helped others and benefited society and the public. It aims to encourage them to keep the passion going and inspire others to do the same.

Lily was invited to represent Singapore for ASEAN Festival of Disabled Artists in Myanmar from 1 December 2014 to 7 December 2014. She showcased her musical talents & skills in mallet percussion (xylophone) and song-signing. Its highlights included the Flight of the Bumblebee, Happy Mallets and Rondo Alla Turca. Her 'Let It Go' song was adapted from the popular movie, Frozen in a Deaf way for the deaf lady who was suppressed of her freedom to express herself in Sign Language. She co-wrote her song, "If You Were In My Shoes" with a hearing singer, Audris Ho. This song emerged as a semi-finalist in UK Song-writing Contest 2015 (Music Video Category).

Recently, she received her award under Humanitarian and/or Voluntary Leadership for the Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World 2017, which is honoured by Junior Chamber International (JCI) Singapore, a non-profit organisation whose mission is to contribute to the world by preparing better leaders, who will in turn create better societies.

Rudy Lee
Life Coach

Deaf life coach, by choice, about improving personal lives in and out to better his livelihood growth with different kinds of experience that enable him to be aware of his own surroundings rather than being a victim to negative influence. 

Currently designing a short program "Design Your Life: Your Journey" to help the public be aware of their inner abilities and gain an understanding of developing a character that he/she is really committed. He is constantly finding new ways to engineer his mindset and improvise ways on how the inner worldview and qualities can be properly developed with current skills and resources that is readily available. He would like to share more and make people think about what the imaginable future will be like. In his time, he has seen many human fell umpteen times and the mistakes that adults makes during progressive years ahead that comes with unexpected circumstances which time don't really controls and is costly.

Johnson Chia
Co-Leader for YMCA Deaf Generation & Entrepreneur for OriLove

Currently working in the accountancy sector and pursuing an ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) certification. Johnson Chia (on the left) is the co-leader of the percussion section under YMCA Deaf Generation and also actively training with the badminton team under Deaf Sports Association.

He is working towards being a role model with future plans of nurturing fellow youths in leadership and related soft skills to contribute to the Deaf community. He accepts that everyone has his/her own strength and weaknesses, and believes that by working together, we can build a strong bond and foundation to work towards a better future for the Deaf community.

Janice Lim (on the right) is currently working in the administrative sector after graduating with a business diploma. 
She hopes to raise public awareness on the abilities of the deaf, that they can pursue their dreams too despite having hearing loss. She also hopes to motivate fellow deaf not to give up and keep going no matter how tough the life challenges are.