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Want to make a difference for the deaf community?
Becoming involved with community service activities while studying or working?

Getting involved in the community service will put you in the company of engaged, proactive and passionate peers and volunteers. Through our partnership in ExtraOrdinary Horizons with various organisations, you will have the ability to raise deaf awareness and gain the real world experience of giving back to the community.

Want to help? You can join hands with us - ExtraOrdinary Horizons. Let us supply the social opportunities to help you define it, live it, love it:
  1. Engaging deaf staff to conduct sign language courses and workshops
  2. Joining in our campaigns
  3. Recommending us in your events and projects
  4. Supporting deaf staff, as part of Corporate Social Responsibility
  5. Volunteering with us
Benefits of initiatives to contribute/give back to the community:
  • Enhance learning and experience by going through community service and engagement opportunities
  • Nurture human development to become active and engaged citizens
  • Promote culture of volunteerism and civic engagement by reinforcing commitment to community engagement and service
  • Foster collaborative partnerships between organisations and community partners by connecting peers and volunteers to service and civic engagement opportunities
Learning what you have to offer is a huge and impactful part of helping others. Let your path through self-discovery lead you down the road to giving back to the society, especially raising deaf awareness.

Do you have a desire to contribute? Let's get involved in community service projects and advocate for deaf causes.

If you wish to become our ExtraOrdinary Volunteer with us, that's cool! Please apply online. Thank you!

If you wish to get involved with us in other ways, please send us an email.