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Be our ExtraOrdinary Member

ExtraOrdinary Horizons is a registered social enterprise run by Deaf. If you are interested and believe in our vision and mission, please join us as a member!

As a member of EO Horizons:
  • You will receive monthly updates on events, courses, programs and workshops from ExtraOrdinary Horizons via email (subscription).
  • You will enjoy two complimentary hours of interpreting services annually if you are Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing individual.
  • You will be guaranteed members-only discount for all ExtraOrdinary Horizons courses.
  • You will be guaranteed discounted or waived fees for workshops conducted by partner companies & organisations.

As an enterprising member of EO Horizons (only for Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing):
  • You will be given priority in free publicity for your products or services when requested.
  • You will have opportunities to try your hand at entrepreneurship through courses, workshops and activities at ExtraOrdinary Horizons.
  • You also will have opportunities to get paid assignments from ExtraOrdinary Horizons.
  • If selected by YMCA Deaf Generation, you will receive a pro-rated remuneration per gig/performance.

Type of Annual Membership
Junior Member
Only for Singapore citizens, permanent and foreign residents under the age of 25 years.

SGD $10.00 
Senior Member
Only for Singapore citizens, permanent and foreign residents who are of 55 years old and above.

 SGD $10.00 
Ordinary Member
Only for Singapore citizens and permanent residents who are of 25 years old and above.

 SGD $20.00 
Associate Member
Only for foreign residents who are of 25 years old and above.

 SGD $35.00 
*APPLICABLE to all, including Deaf, Hard-of-Hearing & Hearing (Person with normal hearing)

If you are interested, please complete the form online.

Payment is by Cheque or Internet-Banking only
  • By Cheque: Crossed and made payable to "EXTRAORDINARY HORIZONS".
    Please indicate the name & contact number and "Payment for <TYPE> Membership" on the back of the cheque. For further details, please send a SMS/WHATSAPP message to 92275546.
  • Internet-banking: Account details are of as follows: 
    DBS Current Account Number 002-905763-2. 
    Any bank charges incurred have to be borne by the remitter.