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Communication Tips

Communication in schools is crucial for deaf students to learn information better and progress their studies. Writing and sign language are necessary to improve communication between deaf students, their hearing friends and teachers. Sign language interpretation service is provided for deaf students in schools. 

Communication at workplace is important to facilitate better work completion and synergy. In offices where there are deaf and hearing colleagues, instructions may be misunderstood if there is no common language. This year 2014, our survey analysis found that 71% of deaf employees faced communication challenges at work and they hoped that their colleagues could communicate with them either in sign language, in writing or in typed messages.

Ways to improve communication with deaf at work
There are a number of existing technologies that can improve communication between deaf & hearing colleagues such as Online Instant Messengers and Business Communication Platforms.

 1. Online Instant Messengers  2. Business Communication Platforms
Online Instant Messenger is a type of online chat which offers real-time text transmission between hearing and deaf users over the Internet.  Business Communication Platforms allow hearing and deaf colleagues to communicate through online discussion boards and file-sharing on virtual whiteboard or chat board.
AIM, BBM (BlackBerry Messenger), Google Hangouts, ICQ, Skype, WeChat, WhatsApp, Yahoo! Messenger
ChatWork, IBM Lotus Sametime, Microsoft Lync, Vyew
Refer to the PDF file for the online instant messengers' features chart.Refer to the PDF file (to be uploaded in time) for the business communication platforms' features chart.

Below are video demonstrations on how these existing technologies can be used to improve communications in an inclusive working environment easily.