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ARTICLE: Deaf entrepreneur & ‘Singapore Idol’ candidate Ms Lily Goh formed a percussion band with several deaf youths and use their ‘hands’ to sing… (SHIN MIN DAILY NEWS; 31 MARCH 2013)

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Translated by our volunteer in English Language:

To fulfill her dream as a singer

In order to prove that she is no different from hearing people, Lily took part in the ‘Singapore Idol’ competition.

She got through to the third round before she was eliminated from the competition in 2004. “I was very nervous at that time. I understand that I cannot be a good singer, but I took part in the competition to fulfill my simple dream.

Lily revealed that other than fulfilling her dream, she also aimed to let the public know, including Singapore Association for the Deaf, that the Deaf can do everything except to hear.

Using eyes and feelings to enjoy music

6 years ago, Lily and Hau En had strong passion for percussion and using this passion, they gathered a few other good friends to form ‘Youth Deaf Generation’.

This percussion band is made up of 10 deaf youths ranging from 18 to 35 years old. Most of them are from the same school, with two other volunteers helping out in the band. These youths wear hearing aid, and some had undergone cochlear implant.

Lily mentioned that most of them had music background, and most importantly, they know how to read notes and follow the rhythm.

“Performing together is challenging, especially when we do not have professional guidance. We can only teach each other and use our eyes and feelings to feel for the music.”

With the arrangement of her company, the band receives occasional invitations to provide performances to earn some revenue.