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Aligning with its vision to create an inclusive society where the deaf can gain confidence in their abilities through entrepreneurship, we are glad to showcase the OriLove concept.

OriLove is an entrepreneurship sprouted by Johnson Chia & Janice Lim in the form of lovable handicrafts for corporate, friendship, birthday or personal gifts for any occasions.

Ori can be interpreted in two ways:
Ori from 'Original' can be referred to 'The Beginning' or 'The Start'.
In Japanese, when written as 折 /o ri/ , it means 'Opportunity' or 'Chance'; when written as 折り /o ri/, as 'Fold (as in folding a paper)' as well as 'Chance'.

OriLove symbolizes positiveness and the opportunity or chance to start spreading love to all who matters to you in the world, bringing about happiness to all.

Please check us out. Do feel free to drop us an email.