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What is Song-Signing? 

As the part of Deaf Culture, it is a beautiful blend of music, song and Sign Language. Song-signing incorporates facial & body expressions, movements and signs invented to fit the unique interpretation of the song.

Vocal singing is replaced by signing visually, simply, by expressing the lyrics in Sign Language, together with artistic styles incorporated to carry out the interpretation of the song.

In Singapore, song-signing is extremely popular among hearing learners and users. It aids better in their skills of signing and/or interpreting. 

Directed by deaf with at least 10 years of experience, our workshops are conducted for hearing learners and users, who have their basic knowledge of Deafness and Sign Language.

YMCA Deaf Generation

YMCA Deaf Generation (YDGEN) is the special-interest group of Deaf and Hearing members/volunteers.

YMCA Deaf Generation is under the umbrella of the Y-Arts Challenge programme under YMCA - Tan Chin Tuan community service programmes. Also, it is under this social enterprise to empower deaf in service-learning projects related to arts and community.

In 2007, our YDGEN was formed and it built its repertoire in mallet percussion only. Over time, its repertoire spans among acting/pantomime, song-signing and percussion. 

Our works are created in the form of debut solo, duet and group acts in our Deaf way, under the direction of Deaf. The awareness and elements of Deaf culture are incorporated in our acts, which are based in Singapore.

We play our part in the development and support of deaf performing arts scene in Singapore.