(9 sessions of 8 lessons and 1 exams; 18-20 hours in total)
COST: WEEKDAY S$150.00 per pax / WEEKEND S$170.00 per pax (w.e.f. 2019)
PRIVATE TRACK MODE: S$90.00 (for 1 hour per pax)

Basic Communication Level 3

The BASIC COMMUNICATION LEVEL 3 COURSE expands on the development of SL vocabulary and grammar, including the use of character-role shifts. Students describe settings, and explain or discuss everyday objects and their use, step-by-step processes, cause and effect, and culturally significant topics relating to the Deaf Community.


It builds on the cultural competence and language skills developed in SL with increased focus on developing comprehension and production with storytelling skills.


There are graded assignment, quizzes and exams in this level. Note that the graded assignment requires you to meet d/Deaf person(s) to gain deep insights and real experiences about Deafness in relation to Deaf Studies.

Pre-requisite: Had completed our Basic Communication Level 2 Course.
Minimum number of students for commencement: 8



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