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OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: YMCA Deaf Generation (YDGEN) is disbanded of 10 January 2019. However, this does not stop us from practising our art in #deafmusic and #deaftalent.

Currently, we have our committed two Deaf performers, and they are Lily Goh, and Donny Laurence. The performances are led by Deaf; they work with hearing volunteers to present their work-in-progress. You may see their videos on the YouTube channel.

We normally charge for performance bookings. Fees are used to cover costs of studio rental, costumes, equipments/instruments, rehearsals, and other arrangements. However, we may do performances on a pro bono basis, depending on the nature of the event and whether they are aligned with our goals.


Booking fees are dependent on a number of factors like the length of item, number of performers involved, amount of preparation time, type of event etc.

To give an example, a 3-5 minute performance by 3 performers (including one assistant) may be charged a fee of around $750 to $1,000. Specific details are negotiable and dependent on other factors, like meals and transport.


Facility & Equipment Requirements

Because of the nature of our group, we have a few minimum requirements necessary to ensure the best possible performance is provided.

  • Adequate stage size/performance area, depending on number of performers

  • Proper sound equipment (and sound technician). e.g stereo speakers/stage monitors

  • Proper lighting

  • A dressing and waiting area for the performers, close to the stage.

  • A 45 min stage/tech run session, at least 2 hours prior to show time (if optional).

*Before requesting a booking, please check and determine if the organizers have the funding and facility resources for a performance.

If your organisation or you wish to engage us for your event, you can email us for further discussions.

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