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COST: S$400.00 per pax
PRIVATE TRACK MODE: S$100.00 (for 1 hour per pax)

Singapore Sign Language
SgSL 301 Course


This SINGAPORE SIGN LANGUAGE SgSL 301 COURSE is designed for students aiming for near-native proficiency in SgSL. The course offers an in-depth study of advanced sign linguistics, visual-spatial rules and classifiers, focusing on their role in producing nuanced and sophisticated sign language expressions. Students will explore the complexities of SgSL semantics, learning to convey subtle distinctions in meaning and emotion through advanced structures. The curriculum includes advanced discourse analysis, enabling students to construct and understand complex narratives and arguments in SgSL.

Learning Outcome
Upon successful completion of the SgSL 301 course, students will be able to:

  1. Advanced Sign Linguistics Proficiency: Demonstrate a deep understanding of advanced sign linguistics, including the nuanced use of visual-spatial rules and classifiers, to create sophisticated SgSL expressions.

  2. Complex Narrative Construction: Construct and comprehend complex narratives and arguments in SgSL, applying advanced discourse analysis skills to interpret and produce sophisticated texts.

  3. Cultural and Linguistic Insight: Gain profound insights into Deaf culture and the linguistic intricacies of SgSL, enhancing cultural competence and linguistic flexibility.

  4. Preparation for Professional Application: Prepare for the application of SgSL in professional settings, including interpretation, and Deaf studies, with a focus on achieving near-native proficiency.

Certificates of attendance, in the form of electronic documents, will be issued to students upon completion of the course. These certificates will be delivered via email to the registered email address of each student.


12 sessions; 24 hours in total


Blended learning concept is adopted in this level:

  1. Google Classroom

  2. ZOOM Platform

  3. Blk 261, Waterloo Street, Singapore 180261
    The unit number will be provided by email/WhatsApp.

Pre-requisite: Had completed our Singapore Sign Language SgSL 201-203 Courses.
Minimum number of students for commencement: 4

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SgSL 301
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