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People learning manual alphabets

COST: S$250.00 per pax
PRIVATE TRACK MODE: S$50.00 (for 1 hour per pax)

Singapore Sign Language
SgSL 101 Course


This introductory SINGAPORE SIGN LANGUAGE SgSL 101 COURSE is tailored for individuals with no prior experience in sign language. It covers the fundamental aspects of Singapore Sign Language (SgSL), including basic vocabulary, simple sentence structures, and the manual alphabet for fingerspelling. The course emphasizes Visual-Gestural Communication (VGC), fostering an understanding of non-verbal communication cues crucial for effective sign language interaction. Participants will also gain initial insights into Deaf culture and the Deaf community in Singapore, laying the groundwork for respectful and informed communication.

Learning Outcome

Upon successful completion of the SgSL 101 course, students will be able to:​

  1. Understand and use basic vocabulary and simple sentence structures in Singapore Sign Language (SgSL).

  2. Demonstrate proficiency in the manual alphabet for fingerspelling, enabling clear communication of names, places, and unfamiliar terms.

  3. Apply Visual-Gestural Communication (VGC) techniques to enhance understanding and use of non-verbal cues in sign language interactions.

  4. Display foundational knowledge of Deaf culture and the Deaf community in Singapore, contributing to respectful and effective communication.

Certificates of attendance, in the form of electronic documents, will be issued to students upon completion of the course.
These certificates will be delivered via email to the registered email address of each student.


10 sessions; 20 hours in total


Blended learning concept is adopted in this level:

  1. Google Classroom

  2. ZOOM Platform

  3. Blk 261, Waterloo Street, Singapore 180261
    The unit number will be provided by email/WhatsApp.

Minimum number of students for commencement: 6

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SgSL 101
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