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COST: S$250.00 per pax
PRIVATE TRACK MODE: S$50.00 (for 1 hour per pax)

Singapore Sign Language
SgSL 103 Course


Continuing from SgSL 102, this SINGAPORE SIGN LANGUAGE SgSL 103 COURSE further expands the learners' vocabulary and understanding of SgSL grammar. SgSL 103 introduces students to more complex sentence structures, enabling them to convey detailed information and engage in simple dialogues. The course incorporates role-playing and scenario-based exercises to simulate real-life conversations, improving linguistic fluency and cultural knowledge.

Learning Outcome

Upon successful completion of the SgSL 103 course, students will be able to:

  1. Advanced Vocabulary: Command a more advanced vocabulary in Singapore Sign Language, equiping them to discuss a broader array of topics and express more complex ideas.

  2. Complex Sentence Structures: Understand and use complex sentence structures in SgSl, enhancing their ability to convey detailed and nuanced information effectively.

  3. Enhanced Conversational Skills: Participate in simple dialogues with greater fluency, utilizing their knowledge of grammar and vocabulary to engage in more meaningful conversations.

  4. Practical Language Use: Apply SgSL in practical, real-life situations through role-playing and scenario-based exercises, which simulate everyday conversations and interactions within the Deaf community.

  5. Cultural Competence: Deepen their understanding of Deaf culture and the Deaf community in Singapore, promoting respectful and informed interactions.

  6. Linguistic Fluency: Demonstrate improved linguistic fluency and comprehension in SgSL, showing significant progression from basic communication to more elaborate exchanges.

Certificates of attendance, in the form of electronic documents, will be issued to students upon completion of the course. These certificates will be delivered via email to the registered email address of each student.

10 sessions; 20 hours in total


Blended learning concept is adopted in this level:

  1. Google Classroom

  2. ZOOM Platform

  3. Blk 261, Waterloo Street, Singapore 180261
    The unit number will be provided by email/WhatsApp.

Pre-requisite: Had completed our Singapore Sign Language SgSL 102 Course.
Minimum number of students for commencement: 6

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SgSL 103
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