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COST: S$320.00 per pax
PRIVATE TRACK MODE: S$75.00 (for 1 hour per pax)

Singapore Sign Language
SgSL 202 Course


Building on the foundations laid in SgSL 101-105 & SgSL 201, the SINGAPORE SIGN LANGUAGE SgSL 202 COURSE delves deeper into the semantics of SgSL, exploring how meaning is constructed and conveyed through the interaction of signs, expressions, and classifiers. Students will expand their use of classifiers, learning to use them more dynamically to describe complex actions, shapes, and sizes. Interactive activities will encourage students to practice and refine their ability to use visual-spatial grammar to convey detailed information accurately.

Learning Outcome
Upon successful completion of the SgSL 202 course, students will be able to:

  1. Advanced Semantic Understanding: Grasp the complexities of SgSL semantics, understanding how meaning is nuanced and enriched through the interplay of signs, expressions, and classifiers.

  2. Dynamic Use of Classifiers: Skillfully employ classifiers in a dynamic manner to describe complex actions, shapes, and sizes, enhancing descriptive and narrative signing.

  3. Enhanced Visual-Spatial Grammar: Utilize visual-spatial grammar with increased accuracy to convey detailed information, improving clarity and effectiveness in communication.

  4. Interactive Communication Skills: Demonstrate improved interactive communication skills through engaging in activities that require the practical application of advanced classifiers and visual-spatial concepts.

  5. Preparation for Further Study: Be well-prepared for continued intermediate studies in SgSL, with a solid understanding of the semantic layers and complexities of SgSL.

Certificates of attendance, in the form of electronic documents, will be issued to students upon completion of the course. These certificates will be delivered via email to the registered email address of each student.


10 sessions; 20 hours in total


Blended learning concept is adopted in this level:

  1. Google Classroom

  2. ZOOM Platform

  3. Blk 261, Waterloo Street, Singapore 180261
    The unit number will be provided by email/WhatsApp.

Pre-requisite: Had completed our Singapore Sign Language SgSL 201 Course.
Minimum number of students for commencement: 5

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SgSL 202
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