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SgSL 105

COST: S$300.00 per pax
PRIVATE TRACK MODE: S$50.00 (for 1 hour per pax)

Singapore Sign Language
SgSL 105 Course


The final course in the beginner-basic series, SINGAPORE SIGN LANGUAGE SgSL 105, aims to solidify the students' grasp of SgSL, preparing them for intermediate study. It focuses on advanced vocabulary topics, complex sentence structures, and conversational signing. The course encourages the practical application of SgSL in various contexts, including discussing personal interests. Emphasis is placed on fluid communication, and cultural etiquette.

Learning Outcome

Upon successful completion of the SgSL 105 course, students will be able to:

  1. Advanced Vocabulary Proficiency: Have a solid command over an advanced vocabulary set in Singapore Sign Language, enabling discussions on a wide range to topics with confidence and clarity.

  2. Understanding of Complex Sentence Structures: Be adept at using complex sentence structures in SgSl, facilitating the expression of detailed and sophisticated ideas in sign language.

  3. Conversational Signing Skills: Exhibit the ability to engage in conversational signing with greater fluidity, employing a mix of vocabulary, grammatical structures, and non-manual signals to communicate effectively and naturally.

  4. Application in Diverse Contexts: Demonstrate the practical application of SgSL skills in various contexts, including personal, social, and cultural discussions, thereby showcasing the ability to adapt sign language use to different settings and topics.

  5. Cultural Etiquette and Insights: Possess a deeper understanding of Deaf culture and etiquette in Singapore, respecting and adhering to community norms and values in their sign language communication.

  6. Preparedness for Intermediate Study: Be thoroughly prepared for the transition to intermediate-level study of SgSL, with a comprehensive foundation in the language and a readiness to tackle more advanced linguistic and cultural concepts. 

Upon successful completion of the course assessments, including a final examination, students will receive certificates of completion. These certificates will be issued in two formats: an electronic copy, sent via email to each student's registered email address, and a physical copy, distributed in person during the last session of the course.


12 sessions, including 1 final exam; 24 hours in total


Blended learning concept is adopted in this level:

  1. Google Classroom

  2. ZOOM Platform

  3. Blk 261, Waterloo Street, Singapore 180261
    The unit number will be provided by email/WhatsApp.

Pre-requisite: Had completed our Singapore Sign Language SgSL 104 Course.
Minimum number of students for commencement: 6

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