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Challenge #1 of Running the Deaf-led ExtraOrdinary Horizons (Phone Calls)

Just now I received the phone call. Upon answering it, I stopped the caller from talking further.

“Hello, that’s me. I am Lily Goh from ExtraOrdinary Horizons. I am Deaf, so can you please message me?”

But the caller kept on talking.

So I had no choice to interrupt the talk.

“Wait, wait... I am really sorry. I cannot understand what you are talking about. So please message me, thank you!”

Then the caller became unhappy and angry. The caller said something to me and hung on me. There was no message from the caller. Still, I hope you can drop us an email or a message (SMS/Whatsapp) if you wish to make this world a better place for d/Deaf.

I could recognise a few words, like “Lily Goh”, and “ExtraOrdinary Horizons”. This gave some wrong assumptions about this enterprise. That is one of my challenges running it. But I will never give up! 😤 ~ Lily Goh

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