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SgSL Learning Buddies/Practice

We’re glad to inform you all that the Telegram channel is set up on Thursday, 23 September 2021. It coincided with the International Day of Sign Languages.

It is open to every beginner and alumni who learns Singapore Sign Language from different learning centres in Singapore. Deaf and Hard of hearing are welcome, too.

The objectives of the channel are to help the learners retain their skills, with guidance from the Deaf facilitator. It is also to socialise with one another, however, the session is muted during the session. There is a Chat function, where the participants learn to communicate with Deaf.

To join the channel, each participant has acquired at least a basic knowledge of alphabets and numbers, as well as gesturing skills taught from Visual-Gestural Communication. All the participants are required to turn on their video at all times.

You can join this channel at Practice makes perfect. 💪🏻


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